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03 November 2012 @ 04:14 pm
(Blog) I'm Baaaa~ck  
Hello~ Is there anyone out there who still know that I'm alive? Aah, it's been so long so I made a post~

So how is everyone? Sorry for not posting anything for so long, been busy with my studies and fangirling about Sexy Zone, but mostly doing my academic work and such. I've been so stressed about school, my first semester grades are going to be seen by all the private high schools in the state so I gotta look good. Luckily, I have recently checked my grades online and I got all A's! All that hard work finally paid off ...  .・゜゜・(/ u \)・゜゜・.-Tears of Happiness-

Next thing, requests shall be put on hold until further notice. Since I'm busy with school work, I won't be able to update that much. I'm sorry to those who are waiting on their requests but please have patience with me. Although, I have been getting a lot of inspiration from songs and such so I might be able to publish new stories maybe?

Next is KPOP. I still dislike some of fandoms. The bands, I got no problems with. They have good singers and dancers, etc. Its their fans that have a problem with me. Its kinda sad how I get bullied by them but I didn't even say one thing bad about any band. I respect everyone. Now I might .. I don't know, I'm starting to listen to B1A4 and UKISS again. I might start liking it again if the bullying stops. Overall, I'm totally fine. So need to worry about this little kohai~

Next thing ... Why isn't anyone subbing "Piece"?! To those who don't know, Piece is a drama starring Nakayama Yuma. Suzuki Airi also stars in and and I've been waiting forever for someone to sub the first episode. But all I see is nothing ... so someone please sub the first episode of Piece onegai!

So that's all for now. Ja ne~
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Airi ~ ☆: Matsushima Sou [Bear]airichan24 on November 17th, 2012 07:08 pm (UTC)
Ah, arigatou~ I have already joined the community so I'm good to go ne~! Hehee
Hai, I really do like them together~ I hope that Suzuki-san would be able to do another drama with Yasui or another Johnny's Junior ^-^
Yea, I agree with you ne~ They tried to make him look older in Piece, lol~ In the future, I hope they make a special drama -or even a movie- for KuroKyou or Sprout~ It'll be so cool~!
ayang902ayang902 on November 22nd, 2012 04:16 am (UTC)
hehe you're welcome! :)
*nods* i was showing my friend (who doesn't really know jpop/jdramas) piece, and her first reaction was that suzuki airi was really pretty~ ^^
hahaa i'm not used to seeing yasui so "mature" looking xD i keep wanting to think he's really young and cute (even though.. he's not... xD) *nods* i would love to see them in movies~