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29 December 2018 @ 04:59 pm
{Ohayo. Konichiwa. Konbonwa. Xin Chào}

[Gif] Music Notes

- The name is Airi, yoroshiku onegashimasu. Feel free to call me nicknames like Ai-chan or Airiin. Or just plain Airi is fine too~ Some people may know me by my real name Vi (or Vy) but I prefer to be called Airi here on this nice site known as LiveJournal. Hmm ... I've been on the site for almost two years now. It became a part of me. Another piece of info about me is that I'm Vietnamese, like pure Vietnamese. So please, don't confuse me for being Chinese or Korean, it actually bugs me how people keeps thinking I'm one of the two.

- My personality ... I'm what people can say a Tsundere and a Yankii. I'm naturally a pretty nice and easy-going person but from a person's first impression - I can be pretty mean and cold. I'm not a dumb kid who fangirls about her biases 24/7. Like most kids, I actually work hard for my grades. Although, there are a couple times in school where I get bored in class and start daydreaming about my biases who are just too perfect for me. ♥

- I'm an anime otaku. And yes, I do not that otaku does not just apply to anime. I do watch a lot of anime and read a lot of manga. My favorite so far has been Pandora Hearts, in terms of both anime and manga. But my number one favorite shall always be Detective Conan, because Conan is so awesome. I read a ton of Shoujo manga like Piece or Bloody Kiss. (because a certain friend of mine keeps suggesting all this new manga to me)

- I am in love, like L♥VE, with Japanese Pop Music (JPOP). The first band I listened to was Garnet Crow but it was the band - Buono! - that actually got me interested in the music genre. I listen to a lot of artists as of now. I listen to artists such as Arashi and Kitamura Eri. My favorite male bands are Hey! Say! JUMP and Sexy Zone. My favorite female band is Morning Musume. AKB/ALL48 is totally fine with me now. I came to love them, although some members really bug me.

[Pixel] iPod

I do listen to other Asian Pop music genres. Korean Pop (KPOP) is fine with me. Although, it's some of the bands and its fandoms that bug me. I get bullied a lot by KPOP fans so it gave me a bad image of the fans and the band. I don't have any grudge against them, but I just dislike some bands. No grudge, just a small dislike. I did came to like the following: B1A4, Boyfriend, Teen Top, Big Bang, After School.

- Okay, here is the section on my biases. My ultimate bias is Yamada Ryosuke of Hey! Say! JUMP. However, Sexy Zone's Sato Shori might take his place. Maybe. Ugh, I just love the two so much. My feels, man. I am totally in love with Matsushima Sou & Marius Yo as well. I also do love Nakajima Raiya, the boy who shares my birthday - turns out we're born on the same year as well.

- I do have two other accounts here on LiveJournal; michipyon24 and aistarz. I just do whatever on those accounts: write stories, do 30-day challenges, etc. I don't want to spam up this journal and make it unorganized so that's why I made two other accounts, make my life a little easier. Although, I don't spend equal time on all three. Like, I might spend November on this account and I won't go back to it until January. And during December, I'll spend time on michipyon24. So yea, I apologize ahead of time.

Fun facts!
- My favorite Johnny's Jrs are Nakamura Reia & Iwahashi Genki.
- My favorite colors are blue (any shade), black, and neon colors.
- I'm a pretty short kid (under five foot)
- I have a serious problem when it comes to Rilakkuma, Tokidoki, etc.

If you're new, please leave a comment and add me as a friend. I don't bite, I'm glad to have new friends~ If we're already friends, great~ But I want to get to know my friends more~

So that's all. Let's Be Friends~

I'm a #SocialButterfly~ Want to Connect with Me?

LiveJournal: michipyon24 &&' aistarz
Tumblr: aistarz
Twitter: aznotaku24
FaceBook: Vy Tran (Airi)
Current Mood: artisticartistic
Current Music: Nakajima Saki & Hagiwara Mai - Hare no Platinum Doori
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