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Kokoro no Kizuna ~ 心の絆

~A Heart's Bond~

Airi ~ ☆
To My Beloved ...
My Name is Airi. I'm Asian, To Be Specific, I'm Vietnamese. I am a TOTAL JPOP OTAKU! I'm also an anime otaku and I love reading manga. I'm a tomboy but people also called me a tsundere and a yankii. I also like playing video games so yea ... you can consider me a nerd. I'm a total Pokemon geek. I love Pikachu! I'm a #SocialButterfly too lol. Hmm ... I'm a bookworm too. I am a huge fan of JPOP! I am 1000% JPOP OTAKU! My favorite bands are Hey! Say! JUMP, Sexy Zone, and Morning Musume. I listen to a ton of other JPOP artists such as 9nine, etc. AKB48 is okay, but I shall always be loyal to Hello! Project and JE. Overall, I listen to a variety of Asian Pop and Rock bands. I don't really like KPOP or Nishiuchi Mariya so please don't mention them. I do have two other accounts -- aistarz and michipyon24. On my back-up account (aistarz), I write stories that I would usually write for school. On my other account (michipyon24), I wrote stories on dramas like Tantei Gakuen Q. For this account, I'm gonna write stories on any JE (or and JPOP) band. As of 2012, I write whatever on all three accounts. So that's all for now. Let's be friends~
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