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03 November 2013 @ 02:55 pm
au revoir.  
airichan24 has officially moved to lovestarz
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After a few years in this journal, I think it's time for me to start fresh again. School gets in the way, a lot. Plus my interest in JUMP has went down drastically this past year. I still love them, btw. Don't misunderstand. Plus over the years, this journal has gotten cluttered and disorganized to the point I can't do anything else anymore. So I made a new journal and I'm starting anew. I'm sorry if I didn't fulfill a request or something like that. I overestimated myself. This journal will still be open in any case you guys want to read my old (and very poorly written) fanfics but it will not be active. I will be more active on my newer journal, probably won't update as much but at least it's something. To all of my friends that I had made over the years (even though some of you all are no longer active or don't remember me), thank you for being my friend. And if somehow some of you guys are still active, feel free to friend me on my new journal if you want to. I'm still here, just not on this account. Well to this journal whom I spent about three years on, au revoir.