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20 November 2012 @ 02:21 pm
Pleasex3 - Chapter Three  

"Ne, mite mite~ Isn't my precious Airiin amazing?~" Yuya said to his fellow band-mates. Ever since Yuya first discovered Airi's secret of being an idol, let's say .. things have been going well. In a matter of days Yuya became the president of Airi's fanclub, bought all of Airi's solo DVDS and photobooks, bought every ˚C-ute single and album, and so much more. He was right when he said that he would become Airi's number one super fan. But he was still the same Bakaki that everyone loves.

On the other hand, Airi was glad to get that secret off her chest. From now on, no more secrets - she promised herself. But she still was worried about their relationship - what if they get caught? If they get caught by their agencies or the paparazzi, or dear ... that would be horrible and their relationship would be done for. She remembered what Yuya said to her, "Whether we get caught or not, nothing's going to stop me from being with you!" Airi smiled to herself.

"Well you seem to be pretty happy~" Airi heard someone said. She turned around to see it was none other than Chisato, her fellow band-mate and best friend. Airi couldn't help but continue to smile.

"Yes, yes I am happy~" Airi said as she continued to think about her dorky and lovable Yuyan. She heard a ding! from her phone as she took it out of her bag. It turned out to be a message from her oh-so-adorable boyfriend. In the message, he said to her how he just bought ˚C-ute's most recent best album and how he loved it and loved Airi so so so so so so (x10) much. Attached to the message was a picture of him, holding all three editions of the album: limited A, limited B, and regular.

Airi giggled as Chisato couldn't help but look over her shoulder and read the message.

"Uwaa~ TakaGI-san is seriously your number one super fan ne~" Chisato said playfully.

"It's TakaKI. Not TakaGI, Chissaaaaa~!" Airi whined.

"Haha~" Chisato laughed. Airi soon turned away as she typed out her reply to her beloved boyfriend's message. As she finished sending her message, the faint tune of Hey! Say! JUMP's Super Delicate could be heard. Airi turned to see where it was coming from and it turned it to be Maimi's new ringtone for her cellphone.

"Ne, Maimi~ Your ringtone just now, that as JUMP's Super Delicate right? Right?" Airi said as she rushed over to her band's leader.

"Ahh hai~ Since your boyfriend is a member of Hey! Say! JUMP, I decided to listen to the band and they're really good~ Also, their leader is meccha kawaii~"

"Iie! Yuyan is the cutest!" Airi said as she went on and on about how great Yuya was. The other couldn't blame her, she does love her boyfriend after all.

"Airi is seriously Takaki-san's number one super fan ne?" Saki said to Mai, as Mai herself nodded, smiling.

A/N: Ahh, such a short chapter ... T~T ... I was going good with my writing and then suddenly my mind goes BLANK. Why does this always happen to me? ... Well at least it's an update. It's been awhile since I updated this story ne. Hope you all enjoy it, despite tat fact that it's super short ..

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SuzukiTakaki: Yuya Kakoiisuzukitakaki on November 23rd, 2012 03:18 am (UTC)
Do you like the songs on C-ute's new Album?
Suzu's Spot^^

Thank you so much, I wanna read more^^
Yuya is a baka but i love him <3