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05 November 2012 @ 10:17 pm
(Blog) Shippings? Ehh ...  
Ok, I'm just gonna go straight to the point. We all know about shippings; the best example might as well be Yamachii or AriYama or Akame. And then there are other pairings that go by a certain name like ... Ikarishipping (the shipping of Hikari & Shinji, characters from Pokemon Diamond & Pearl). Why I bring up this topic, you ask? Okay, so while I checking some stuff on Quotev - Inacchi (inachan97) asked everyone how would they name her shippings? (like for example her character -or herself- with Daiki)

And so, here I am. Doing this entry and writing down what her shippings would be called, in my opinion. I don't really create shippings (like do Mattsu and myself) because it's really kinda of obnoxious in my opinion. Just creating a shipping name like MatsuAiri is kinda really stupid, it's really low in my opinion. It's like saying "Ha! My shipping is superior to yours! So ship me and whoever!" No, I don't like that. But hey, everyone has their different opinion so I don't really mind or care anymore~

Okay now onto the list- (note: she has a lot of OCs, I don't know all of them so some will be left blank or substituted with Ina)

Arioka Daiki x Kouken Ina ; DaiKou / InaDai (Dai-Ina?) / ArioKou (ArioKen?)
Tegoshi Yuya x Juichi Yasu ; TegoYasu
Fujigaya Taisuke x ?? ; --
Kitayama Hitomitsu x ?? ; --
Kamenashi Kazuya x ?? ; Kame... ??
Nakajima Kento x Kurai Sakura ; NakaKura / NakaSaku
Kikuchi Fuma x Kurai Sakura ; KikuKura / KikuSaku / FumaSa (FumaSaku?)
Kikuchi Fuma x Ito Miyu ; KikuIto ; KikuMiyu ; FuMi
Lewis Jesse x ?? ; --
Jinguji Yuta x (Ina, herself) ; JinIna / YuIna / JinEmi / YuEmi → (The reason for using Emi is because her English name is Emily)
Ikuta Toma x ?? ; ---
Onew x Shin Hana ; ?? (Got no clue, I don't do Korean shippings)
AJ x ?? ; --
Daesung x ?? ; --
Junho x ?? ; --
Sunho x ?? ; --
Chen x ?? ; --
G.O x ?? ; --
Mir x ?? ; --

Yabu Kota x Kouken Ina ; InaKou, KouKen ("Kou" from Kota; "Ken" from "Kouken")
Yaotome Hikaru x Kouken Ina ; HikaKou / HikaIna
Yamada Ryosuke x Kouken Ina ; YamaKou / YamaIna / YamaKen (← somewhat sounds like a pairing for Yamada x Kento lol)
Takaki Yuya x Kouken Ina ; TakaKou (← reminds me of Takaki x Yabu) / TakaIna / TakaKen (← sounds like FumaKen)
Chinen Yuri x Kouken Ina ; YuriNa (can be typed as Yurina ← Kumai Yurina? Lol.) / InaChi / KouNen (sounds like Conan. Meitantei Conan!)
Inoo Kei x Kouken Ina ; InooKou (← Ehhh, reminds me InooBu) / InooIna / KeiIna
Morimoto Ryutaro x Kouken Ina ; MoriKen / RyuIna
Nakajima Yuto x Kouken Ina ; NakaIna / NakaKou / NakaKen (← EHHHH. NakaKen! - Nakajima Kento!)
Sato Shori x (Ina, herself) ; SatoEmi (← reminds me of the actress, Takei Emi, for some reason) / kyuujuurokkushipping (or typed as 96shipping - they're born on the same year)
Masuda Takahisa x Juichi Yasu (I assume?) ; MasuYasu / MasuJuu / TakaYasu
Koyama Keichirou x Juichi Yasu (I assume?) ; KoyaYasu / KoyaJuu
Jonghyun x ?? ; --
Key x ?? ; --
Minho x ?? ; --
Taemin x ?? ; --
G-Dragon x ?? ; -- (okay, random comment. For my VietPop friends out there, don't you think Mai Tien Dung is turning into G-Dragon?!)
T.O.P x ?? ; --
Tayeng x ?? ; --
Suengri x ?? ; --


At least the list is done, that's all that matters. Ina, if you're reading this, be thankful I did this for you. This is real commitment here.
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